An ongoing monitoring tool that scientifically evaluates, rates and reports the status of your flooring in order to achieve the full lifecycle at peak condition.

About Us


At SPC Services, we are dedicated to maintaining all aspects of your working environment and impacting what is visible as well as not visible.  SPC Services delivers the highest quality and eco-friendly commercial maintenance available.  Many studies equate a clean healthy environment to increased productivity in the workplace.  Our company is a proven industry leader in green commercial maintenance supported by a sustainable approach.

SPC Services will enhance your commercial environment through the use of several sustainable processes by our technicians for air quality and work surfaces.  We protect the investment made in your interiors and most important, your occupants.  Let an SPC Services consultant create a maintenance and service plan designed for your space and tailored to your unique requirements.

The definition of renewable resources is multi-layered.  By taking a proactive approach to commercial maintenance and service with modern equipment and manufacturer approved methods, SPC Services is poised to save your facility down time and expense by extending the replacement life cycles of major components of your existing interiors.

At SPC Services, we are confident that our team of trained professionals can formulate and employ a customized plan for your commercial maintenance that will reduce the “to do” list and extend the quality of your existing interior resources.  


  Services Offered:

- Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning/Restoration

- Resilient & Non-Resilient Floor Cleaning/Restoration

- Stone Grinding/Honing/Polishing

- Ceramic Tile/Grout Permanent Molecular Bond Dye Sealant

- Epoxy Floor Coating Installation

- Concrete Grinding, Polishing

- Wood Floor Cleaning/Restoration

- Nano Coatings

- Raised Floor System Cleaning/Restoration (above & below)

- Post Construction Cleaning, Janitorial Cleaning

- Warehouses- Clean, Scrub, Paint, Crack Repair

- Pressure Washing- Walls, Roofs, Coatings, Waterproofing

- Dustless Blasting

- Acoustical Tile & Grid Cleaning/Restoration

- Non-Slip Treatments/Resistance Testing

- Bacterial Testing/Remediation

- Drapery Dry Cleaning/Fire Protection (in place & offisite)

- Window Treatments (manual & motorized) Cleaning/Restoration

- Wall Coverings (standard & acoustic) Cleaning/Restoration

- Painting (interior/exterior) , Line striping

- 24-Hour Emergency Response Flood/Fire/Smoke Restoration


...Among all your other facilities needs.